Wednesday, March 15, 2017


This is the final week for Persimon Dreams' Project Quilting challenge for 2017.
This will be my third entry for this year's challenges. 3 out of 6 ain't too bad!

This week the theme is "Time Is Up!"  Always open to one's interpretation, I chose to look at my pile of scrap rail blocks that I'd been stitching up. I had quite a pile of them, but no real project in mind to use them. I was afraid that soon they'd get stashed into a bag and thrown into the closet where other once-loved projects go.

Once I heard the theme for this week, I said, "Time is up for those babies!"

I laid them out into a pleasing arrangement.  Then switched them around once or a hundred times.

I'd been wanting a sewing machine cover for my second machine and
I found that I had almost enough blocks here to make one!
Talk about being "a few blocks short"....
but that's another story!

Chain stitching began
Gotta save TiME!

I even used up scraps of batting by Frankenstein-ing them together.

TiME to use up that batting!

I found an ugly piece of fabric in my stash that I've often wondered why I bought it.
It's in the color line of Putrid.

Perfect TiME to use the Putrid Fabric!

I practiced my loop de loop FMQ on this piece.
Was looking good til a piece of the Putrid Fabric got doubled up and stitched over.

Got NO time for that!

A bit of a close-up of the FMQ going down on the back.

This took more TiME than I thought it would.

Fast forward to the scrappy binding.
TiME to use those leftover pieces of binding from previous projects! 
I even used selvages to use as loops on the sides.
A bit of Fray Check helped to keep the threads in line.

You can see my other machine to the rear right covered in a scrappy cover too.

It was TiME for this machine to get a decent dress!
Doesn't she look pretty?

The final 3-layer project measures 22"x26"
and was made in  my home in Dubuque, Iowa.

Thank you to Crazy Mom Quilts for the excellent tutorial to make these blocks!

Be sure to pop over there starting Sunday, March 19th to vote for your favorite projects!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tuned Into Texture--Project Quilting Challenge 3

This past week sewists were challenged to think about texture and include it in a project.

I was stumped. I was busy. But I wanted to take part.

I looked at my pile of scraps from trimming my Baby Lattice Quilt and thought I could use them to make a matching baby bib and throw in some texture.

I got out the seam ripper and removed all of the white to use up the patterned fabric pieces.

I sewed the scraps wanky-panky together. (cool word, eh?)
I didn't want it to look like perfect patchwork.

Using my bib template that I've used a billion-jillion times to check for size,
I traced and trimmed the fabric.

I wanted to add a flower applique with some "poof",
so I cut a matching piece of batting to sew under each layer of the flower.
I used the blanket stitch around each flower. Very organic stitching!

Now it was time for the fun part! Thinking about the ripples in water when a stone is thrown in, I went for the "ripple" look around the flower. I sewed it onto a piece of batting that was in the scrap pile. I just zig-zagged them together to make a piece large enough. Perfect!

The ripple/echo quilting was the most fun! It really does give this sweet bib a lot of texture.

It was cut free from the batting and stitched with a gray polka-dot backing,
then top stitched for stability.

With my label, all it needs is a snap!

The bib measures 9.5" x 14". It has 3 layers and is a scrappy patchwork design.
Completed in my sewing room in Dubuque, Iowa.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Baby Lattice Quilt...finished!

Yeah! The project I've been working on all of this month is finally finished!
Just 3 days ago, this quilt was looking like this:

All it needed was the binding.

Lots of work this month was preventing me from getting into the sewing room.
It's been the winter testing period for the school district.
In the past 2 weeks, I've tested almost 300 kindergarteners and 1st graders.
Once each school day was over, I was too pooped to do much of anything!

Choosing a fabric for the binding always seems to be a tough one.
I lined up the fabric choices beneath the edges to see what would jump at me.
They all did!

So, I had to ask my husband for help.
Yeah, the one who has trouble matching his socks to his slacks.

The one who has a great eye for matching binding to quilt tops!

Using the process of elimination, we ended up choosing the coral floral fabric from Kate Spain.
It turned out to be a perfect choice!

We had a few rays of sunshine this morning and we ran outside for photos.
Has January been gray and gloomy for everyone?


This quilt will be given to the daughter of a good friend who is having the first
grandbaby on both sides of the family.
The expectant mother grew up with my kids and it will be such a joy
to give this to her as she and her husband welcome their new blessing into the world!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Eight is Great! Project Quilting 8.1

Above is my project for the first week of the

This first challenge was named "Eight is Great".
I was stumped for two days on what to do.
Eight? Eight what?

Well, as I thought, I realized that there are 8 steps to every quilting project!! Who knew, right?

1. The Need/Desire

My need AND desire was to partake in this challenge.
I enjoy a good challenge and love getting involved in a blog challenge!

2. Inspiration

Since I was literally dumbfounded for an idea,
I spent some time
searching through my books and magazines and pinterest.
With the theme Eight is Great, I was inspired to create a post  and project to describe the 8 steps of creating a quilt. 

3. Creating/Choosing a Pattern

I found several blocks and projects that
included an 8 pointed star.
Could I make an 8 pointed star?
I had a diamond template.

But it wasn't the right angle to make 8 in a circular pattern.
My math genius husband came to my rescue.
He made me a template that worked! Yeah!

4. Pulling Fabrics

Now that I had my idea and template,
I needed to find the perfect fabrics!

Selvages!!! Selvages to the rescue!

5. The Making Process

I began with a thin white fabric scrap and
started sewing my selvages onto it in rows.
Sewing these together gave me so many other ideas...
I loved the look!

I used my template to cut out 8 diamonds,
tracing the shape on the back.

I began sewing them together and the
magic started to appear!

I made a purple patchwork background
to show off the light colored star.

**These fabrics were all used in my classrooms as bulletin board backgrounds. I was happy to give them a purpose!

I quilted with a simple cross-hatch.

The star was treated with Lara's Crafted Applique technique, then stitched to the patchwork background
using a zig-zag stitch.

6. The Finish

Now that the major part of the work was done,
it was time to add the binding.
I also added pockets and bands to the back for hanging.

To the very center, I added 3 sweet buttons
shaped like spools of thread!

7. Sharing

What fun is it to make something and not share it?
If it's not going to be gifted to someone,
it must be shared on social media, right?

This pretty star is being shared here on my blog,

8. Enjoyment/Admiration

It will forever hang on my sewing room wall to remind me of the joy every sewing and quilting project brings me.

My 8 Points of Quilting Star measures 19" x 19".
It was made in my Dubuque, Iowa home.
It contains patchwork, applique and 3 layers.

Stay tuned for voting starting on Sunday, January 8!!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Where'd She Go?

After 31 consecutive days of blogging,
I used my "Get Out of Blog Free" card!
Blogging daily was not an easy challenge,
but it did get easier as time went by.

I've still got ideas rolling around in my head to post about. There's still time for those.

But since Dec. 31st, I've been crazy busy with working, de-Christmassing the house, and starting a new sewing project. The Lattice Quilt is temporarily put to the side.

This is my second year partaking in the
Project Quilting Challenges.

Project Quilting Season 8 by Persimon Dreams started on January 1st and will run through March 19.
Every 2 weeks, a new theme is announced and projects must be completed and linked up in one week.
The following week, viewers get to vote!
Of course, prizes are involved. Sweet, huh?

This week's challenge is: Eight is Great
Submissions are due on January 8th

Since my project isn't finished yet,
I thought I'd offer some teasers...

It involves selvages. I've kept them for years and look for ways to use them up!

This turned out so cool that I hated to....

Diamond templates are used.
My talented husband used his math skills
to make what I needed.

My favorite color is used too!
Each of these fabrics were used as bulletin board
backgrounds from my teaching days.

I hope to have this project finished tomorrow.
Then I'll get it linked up to Persimon Dreams.

In the meantime, Miss Sophie has been
keeping herself comfortable.