Monday, February 10, 2014

Sweet Pouch Swap exchange!

My Sweet Pouch from Trina!
Back in early January, a sweet blogger, Ros at SewDelicious,  was offering her third swap for anyone interested in making a pouch and sending it to a selected friend. I got my name in the pool (a bit late, but she took me anyway) and I was paired up with Trina from Winnipeg, Canada! Not only do we both live in frigidly cold winter climates, but we both looove purple! We exchanged a few emails and what we liked and then the sewing happened.
Last week, I got my package in the mail and I was (and still am) so tickled with my bag! It's perfect for me with the sewing words in the fabric, the owl which represents the teacher in my, and of course---the purple! We were to fill the bag with sweets from our area and somehow (ooops!), the treats disappeared once my package was opened. Chocolate doesn't last long in this house. :)

Bottom of the bag: notice the word "PURPLEST"??? How cute is that?

 This is the back side (how did she know I loved chevron?) and the inside which is a lovely floral lavender.

In exchange, I made a bag for Trina and mailed it off to far-away Canada...actually only an 11 hour drive, but still...

Trina loves to knit and sew, so I thought this might help her tote her supplies around. It's got 6 outside pockets, plus strong straps to throw over her shoulder.
Those skeins of yarn can get heavy! I embroidered a { T } near the top to personalize it. That way no one named Wanda would steal it.  


Pictures of the back and the inside. I love the way it turned out and so does Trina!
This was such a fun swap. I hope to get involved in another one soon.
It's a great way to make a new friend!


  1. Kathy, your bag is amazing! Love the embroidery too :) The owl pouch Trina sent you is so gorgeous. Thanks so much for being a part of this round, it was fantastic and so many great pouches!! x

    1. Hi Ros! Thanks for the compliments and thank YOU again for hosting the fun swap! I've visited the flickr group (the above 2 bags are posted there) and I am just amazed at the creativity and talents from around the world. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Your bag is absolutely beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Rosa. It was just as fun to make as it was to receive one...and such a great one too!

  3. This reminded me of why I used to love swaps...and made me wanna go back to them :D
    The bag you made is a joy for the eyes, brava!

    1. Thanks Tirabaralla! I am already looking forward to my next swap!

  4. Replies
    1. We were both so pleased with our bags...thanks for the compliment!


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