Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Project for Challenge 1 Project Quilting

Today, I finished my project for Persimon Dreams' Season 7 of Project Quilting.
Just in the lick of time, too, cuz it's due by 11:00 am CDT on Sunday, Jan. 10th!
I don't know where I've been for the other 6 seasons, but I'm sure glad I ran across Kim Lapacek's blog post to read about this project in time! She posts the new challenge inspiration on Sunday at noon, along with the requirements.
Silly me, I read the post wrong, but my final project still fills the bill!
I thought she wrote that the project had to include ALL THREE requirements of:
  1. include patchwork
  2. include applique
  3. have 3 layers stitched together by hand or machine
After going back to check them again midweek, the post says the project must include AT LEAST ONE of the above. Duh. I'm an over-achiever.
This week's inspiration was CONFETTI. So, I pulled out my bright fabrics (a Moda jelly roll) and a black solid remnant and went to it. I needed a new hot pad for the kitchen, so I kept that in mind. I just started sewing colored squares to black squares, cutting them up into smaller strips, sewing them together to get a pleasing look, then added my letters at the bottom. I used a collage of the colored fabrics sewn together to cut out the letters. I added InsulBrite as the middle layer, then used some binding to finish the edges.
We all like to eat around here, so I wanted to emphasize that word on the hotpad.. It really is a celebration when I cook. I've always joked that I'm going to make a flower planter out of the oven when I retire. Take off the door, add greenery, you get the picture.
On the back, I added a colorful band to slip my hand into when lifting those hot dishes out of the oven. This little baby can also be used on the table/island to set hot dishes onto. Its measurements are 9" x 10.5"...a good size for a larger pan or dish.

It was a fun project and I hope to continue with the rest of the challenges. There are awesome prizes for winners! Check it out! 


  1. What a fun design you've created! Sometimes it's good to be an over-achiever.


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