Saturday, December 10, 2016

Caption This!

I've been making a few blocks from the book Intentional Piecing by Amy Friend.
I found out about this book through Instagram.
Amy started a contest challenge for folks to use her paper piecing pattern,
post a photo and add a cute/funny/sweet little story to go with it.

I knew I had the perfect fabric to work with for this project. Among a bag of fabrics that I bought at an estate sale a few years back were two napkins with Christmas bears on them.
Perfect for fussy cutting, right?

I made a template like Amy suggests and found the "portraits" I wanted to use. I marked them with a pencil and cut them out. Just look at those adorable faces!

My first block's story:

Grandpa Bear was set for his annual Christmas photo session
when Little Teddy decided to try out his photo-bombing skills!

My second block's story:

Little Timmy liked his new hat,
but wished that Grandma had made it big enough for both ears!

Above is my third block.
He needs a story!!

Any ideas?

I'm not sure what I'll make with these blocks yet, or how many I'll make all together.
They are just so sweet to make and easy too!

If interested, you can find me on Instagram! My user name is: _duchick_

*Day 10 of 31 Days of Blogging


  1. Darling. How bout making them into a softbook and writing their story on the backside of each page!

  2. This is a really great way to use those adorable napkins Kathy! I am often at a loss when a fabric is rather busy. I love Amy's unique ability to condense a process down into the simplest steps.
    Hmm... for the third block... she looks expectant. Maybe "Little Tille is waiting for Grandma to take the cookies out of the oven." LOL ;)


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