Thursday, December 8, 2016

City Sampler Baby Quilt

This past summer I finally got around to using 25 of the 100 Tula Pink City Sampler Blocks.
I truly loved making these blocks! Each block was so different and so easy to follow along...except one that I had a dickens of a time with.

I chose 25 of the blocks that were similar in colors to make into a baby boy quilt.
No baby in mind, but perhaps a future grandbaby!
I now have 2 baby quilts patiently waiting for a grand entrance!

Quilted with a simple wavy stitch from side to side.
Bound in a blue and white polka dot.

I still have 75 City Sampler blocks that need a project.

I showed this quilt to a friend over the summer.
She loved it and after a bit of hesitation, she offered to buy it for $30 for a nephew.

She left empty-handed.


  1. it's lovely! I started making the Tula blocks and made 2 then forgot about it! I'm glad your friend left empty handed, $30 is insulting!

  2. Those fabrics are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo wonderful! People just do not know the amount of work, fabric, thread, and love that goes into these quilts....crazy.

  3. 30 dollars! Your friend obviously never tried making a quilt. So many people think they should be priced like blankets.
    Your Tula blocks made a great baby quilt Kathy! By all means, store a few up for future grandchildren. I still have a couple i'm making for our granddaughter Eden.


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