Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Goal-Setting for 2017

Do you make goals for the year ahead?
I'm not talking those dreaded resolutions.
I've had my share of New Year's Days telling the world that I would lose weight, get back on a regular exercise program, clean out every closet, write more hand-written letters, etc, etc.
I'm done with that.

This post is about what I want to do and learn, sewing-minded, in the upcoming year. Fun stuff! Losing weight ain't no fun! Neither are burpees or finally getting to the bottom of the closet floor.

Here I'm starting a list of some of the FUN things I want to do in 2017. Goals to keep me on track. Something that I can refer back on when I'm done with one project and ready for the next.

1. Sometime early in the new year, Myra at Busy Hands Quilts will be hosting a quilt-along for a quilt that I have admired for a long time. Read about it here: Postcards from Sweden  Myra mentions "prizes"...that always makes it sweeter, doesn't it?

Postcards from Sweden quilt (from Craftsy)

2. I want/need to learn how to make HEXIES. I do think I may be one of the very few sewists around here that have not partaken in hexie-making! I need to get on the stick.

One hexie project I want to make in my home's colors:

by Ancora Crafts

3. I cannot wait til December next year to make a few Christmas gifts. I've learned my lesson! I've got a bunch of projects pinned on Pinterest and I'm going to get a start in July when the idea of snow can keep me cool!

A few things I want to make:

Modern Christmas Tree                                                    Jingle Bell Door Banner
by Amy Smart at Diary of a Quilter                                  from We All Sew

4. Dresden Plates! I'm not sure when I fell in love with these things, but it happened and I want to make lots of them! I have a template, so I need to use it!

One item I want make using the Dresden is:

by Chrissie D.

5. Probably the very first thing I should make is a few personalized bibs for a great-nephew that was born in October. Yikes! That has slipped by. Also, a good friend had her first grand baby last week, so she'll need a few bibs too.

I need to make bibs for babies Wade and Fiona!

6. My best friend's mom was recently moved into a nursing home. She has Alzheimer's and is declining rapidly. Back surgery in October has not helped in the way they had hoped. I want to make her a lap quilt similar to what I made for Marie over the summer.

I still like the pocket idea. This one will say "Kathy", the name of my friend's mom.

Whew! That's only the top of what's on my mind to make for 2017.

What's on your list?

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  1. Hmmmm... it's interesting that you actually put a lot of thought in what you plan for the future. I read somewhere recently that when a person shares their intentions, the success rate is great! Looking forward to seeing everything materialize!! ps I'm probably the only other sewing who has never attempted hexies!

  2. Yes, I do understand where you are coming from! Setting New Years goals have ended in failure for me most of the time. A quilting friend and I have decided to get our blogs up and running by posting year around projects that we are making for Christmas. Another goal that I will be posting about is completing UFO's. I like the way you posted your goals, especially with the enthusiasm for having fun and learning. So thank you for sharing and inspiring. Great success in achieving your goals! Have a fantastic creative day!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing what you have planned for 2017. I hope that you have fun as you work through your list. Thanks for linking up!

  4. That is a lovely list. I think it is great to have items on your to do list that will push you to learn new things. I have never done hexies either but might resist trying them for another while yet. =)

  5. Your list and photos are captivating. I love making Dresden plates. I want to try some with varying size petals, and more modern color combos. Nice write up.

  6. Okay, it is SO HARD to stay focused on one's goals when visiting friends' sites!! I have loved the Postcards from Sweden quilt forEVER and knowing there's a QAL happening? and I'm supposed to hosting a QAL of my own? My list is already derailing I can feel it LOL.

  7. What a beautiful list of project plans. And so many gifts and goodness for others in there. I have to admit I do love a dresden and a hexie. I feel like they're both quite classic. And I'm looking forward to seeing how you go with the QAL :-)
    E xx

  8. Your goals for your gifts are so generous. Wishing you much success in your New Year!

  9. You sure came up with a lot of wonderful goals Kathy!
    I have always loved that Postcards from Sweden quilt. And I join you in the group of rare quilters who have not made a hexie quilt. I ordered a book on how to machine sew them, cuz I'm not the greatest hand stitcher. It's called "Hexagons Made Easy" by Jen Eskridge. We'll see ... LOL
    Best wishes in attaining your goals!

  10. Love this plan of yours. Lots of fun projects lined up for 2017.
    I hadn't heard about the QAL for the postcards quilt. That is very tempting......😊

  11. It sounds like you have lots of fun projects planned for 2017!


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