My heart is broken for a dear friend. Yesterday, she received news that her daughter, her son-in-law and their 3 children were in a car accident. The car they were driving hit a patch of ice and was not able to stop at a stop sign. The car continued on into the path of a semi-truck. The two youngest children were killed. They were only 7 and 8 years old. The mother, my friend's daughter, is in critical condition, the father has many broken bones and the oldest child is now in stable condition.

My friend is a wonderful 5th grade teacher and she is one of the most faithful Christians I have ever met. She will be leaning on God for quite a while to get through this, as she adored those children. I will be covering her class the rest of this week as a substitute teacher. Being in her class to help is the only thing I can do for her right now. Along with sending prayers.

If you feel moved to pray for this family, please know that they will be very much appreciated.

Hug the ones you love and share your love!


  1. Prayers for this family. Such a tragedy.

  2. There are simply no words for this kid of tragedy, sending prayers. x

  3. How heartbreaking. losing those 2 precious little ones. Prayers are with them all as they heal and get through this time.
    E xx

  4. So heartbreaking, I'll be praying for the family.

  5. I'll keep that family in my prayers. What a heartbreaking event.

  6. The horror of that is almost unbearable. I am so sorry for your friend and her family and also for the trucker who hit them. I will pray for all of them Kathy.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear this. Prayers for them and you. This is heart breaking :(


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