Busy Girl!

Hey there friends!
It's been a while since I've stopped by here to blog.
One good reason is that it's summer and I'd rather be outside soaking up the warm
weather while I can. Winter will come soon enough.

Anyway, I have spent a bit of time in the sewing room.

I've made a bib for Grace:

I've embroidered a towel for a wine-loving friend who's recently had a birthday: 

I've completed a blouse for myself...yeah, it's been a while since I've made a garment!
Bernie at Needle and Foot had a sew-along earlier this summer, so I hopped on.
I enjoyed making myself something to wear so much that I will be doing this again soon!

I've also gotten distracted with painting rocks. 
There are so many designs rolling around in my head to paint!
I'm always on the look out for smooth rocks.

My husband and I also took a trip to Glacier National Park in June.
Oh, the beauty! With very limited internet and no TV for a week,
it was an extra special break. 
Lots of fresh (cool) air, nature, and bears (oh my)!

We stayed here at Many Glacier Lodge for 4 nights.

Reading a few good books is always a favorite summer activity.
Right  now, I'm reading The Turning Point by Freya North.
I won this book on Instagram and am really loving it!

Of course, I've been gardening and tending to my flowers.
I can't take credit for these little pretties since they re-seed in the sidewalk cracks.

I'll end with sweet Miss Sophie who turned 4 on July 9th. 

So, what's kept you busy this summer?


  1. Happy Birthday to Sophie, she is a cutie. And speaking of cute, the bib is just that.
    I need to make a couple for a Godson. Not my cup of tea really. I just made him a ball
    for his first birthday. I think I'll wait for Christmas and his Mom will probably stop hand feeding him and really need them.
    Your vacation looks wonderful, glad to hear you had a great time.I especially like the Retirement Rocks. You do a great job on them. They make great thinking of you gifts. I have received a few and they are interchanged in my kitchen window. Keeps it fresh, and reminds me of the gifter.
    Some are inspirational words , scripture, silly design by a grandchild. I have a small crystal candle holder that I keep them in sitting in the corner of the window and pull on out to set in front. I receive nice comments on them periodically.
    Don't you love it when volunteers come up in unusual places. Yours are so pretty. maybe they'll leave seeed or next year too, it reminds me of cottage style.
    A lovely blouse you made. I have never made a piece of clothing, It looks nice on you too.
    Enjoy the rest of the week and be safe.
    Hugs and blessings

  2. You have certainly been very busy with a lot of fun summer stuff! The bib is adorable and I love the blouse, what a great pattern. It's be a very, very long time since I made clothes...like middle school long! Kudos to you, it's lovely!


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